World Humanist Day

World Humanist Day occurs every year on June 21. It is a day to publicize and celebrate the achievements of Humanism; and to reflect more on what Humanism can achieve, and what the world can achieve. Normally it is celebrated in a positive way, marking the hope that Humanism offers. World Humanist day is celebrated n many locations around the world. For more information about World Humanist Day globally see the page about World Humanist Day on the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) website.


2017 World Humanist Day celebrations in Australia include:

The ACT: The ACT Humanist Society has organsied a celebratory dinner to  be held on the actual day; June 21st. For details see the post on their Meetup group

New South Wales: The Humanist Society of New South Wales will be holding a major event with talks, food and drink, on Sunday June 18. For details see their occasion meetings page